Heat pump Installed on 9 bedroom home in Norwich

Bernard bites the bullet and upgrades and future-proofs his home by installing a state of the art Stiebel Eltron WPL 25 AS Air Source Heat Pump.




System Cost

3.6 tons

Carbon Saved a Year

40 db

Noise level


Bernard came to us to help him future-proof his modern property and become more sustainable. After completing a heat loss survey, we found Stiebel Eltron’s WPL 25 heat pump to be the perfect fit for his home. Bernard was delighted with our proposal, he wanted to ensure he purchased the most efficient system possible.

The installation took 7 days to complete, staying on schedule and going without a hitch. Our team connected the new system to Bernard's existing underfloor heating circuit which he can control with Stiebel Eltron’s advanced thermostat.


It would have been very disruptive to use the existing pipework due to its placement, so we planned to run new pipework at a high level internally, down the wall, to outside, to the heat pump unit. This was more challenging for our installation team but by far the best and least disruptive option for Bernard.

Case Study 3
I can recommend Renewabl. whose sales team, project managers and admin support staff are informative and enthusiastic in all they do. This company engaged an installation team who worked quickly and tidily and were a pleasure to have around the house.
Bernard ChaseThree storey, nine bed Home in Norwich

Bernard is happy to be rid of his old oil boiler, enjoying lower energy bills, a more sustainable life and a warm house with hot water heated solely from his brand new Air Source Heat Pump.