Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Specialists in large scale Commercial Solar Panel Installation. We Design, Install and Maintain Solar systems to reduce energy bills and carbon.

Commercial Solar

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Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

What is a Solar Power Purchase Agreement?

Boost your profits and go green instantly with zero upfront costs. A Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a 25-year arrangement in which we completely fund and install a solar PV system at your commercial base. In return, you only pay for the solar energy you consume at a discounted rate.

Our solar power purchase agreement model allows businesses to benefit from sustainable and affordable solar power without worrying about any initial capital expenses.


Meet the Commercial Solar Office Team

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Solar Specialist

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Neil McDonnell

Project Manager

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Senior Compliance Administrator

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Administrative Coordinator

How we have helped our customers


MWh of Energy Produced

Each year, our installed systems make a big difference in producing energy. On average, they produce around 6,800 MWh of energy.


Installations successfully completed

We're and MCS Certified and TrustMark Accredited Installation company with 1,000s of Happy Customers across the UK.


Tonnes of CO2e Reduced

Every year, our installations make a big impact on the environment by reducing carbon emissions. We reduce over 2,200 tonnes of CO2e annually.

Cut costs, reduce your carbon footprint and future-proof your businesses energy supply

Factory & Warehouses

Factories, warehouses, and industrial buildings boast ample roof space and typically high energy consumption, rendering them prime candidates for solar panel installation. In recent years, an increasing number of businesses have recognised the opportunity to tap into free, renewable energy by integrating solar panels onto their rooftops. By doing so, businesses within these sectors are effectively reducing their energy expenses by generating their own electricity on-site.


For manufacturing businesses, the building might seem like just a functional space for daily operations. Many manufacturing facilities possess extensive buildings and warehouses, often with unused roof space.

This untapped area can be effectively utilised for hosting a solar PV panel installation. Generating your own power via solar panels can yield significant benefits for your business while also serving as an environmentally friendly initiative.

Farming & Agriculture

Farmers have long been adept at harnessing and leveraging solar energy, a practice ingrained in agriculture for millennia. Virtually every facet of farming involves the sun, effectively converting its energy to sustain life.

Solar PV installations empower you to generate your own electricity, trim fuel expenditures, and potentially establish an additional revenue stream for your enterprise. Indeed, a considerable number of solar farmers are already reaping the financial benefits that this technology offers.


Enlightening Minds and Structures through Tailored Solar Solutions Solar power offers schools and educational institutions not only financial benefits but also fosters awareness of such technologies among students, integrating them into their daily lives.

Our commercial installations are always customised, seamlessly adaptable to retrofit existing school buildings or incorporate into new construction projects.

Car Dealerships and Retail Space

An increasing number of car dealerships and retail spaces are choosing solar power. With energy one of the largest expenses to contend with, and costs for energy rising considerably, more and more businesses are seeking ways to lower costs. The price for solar PV systems has declined in recent years, making it a more accessible option for dealerships to take advantage of.


An increasing number of office buildings are opting to install solar panels on their rooftops. As energy prices continue to rise considerably each year, individuals are turning to solar energy to diminish both their energy expenses and carbon emissions. Any excess power generated, beyond what is consumed onsite, can be sent back to the grid, earning you tariff payments in return.


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