In-roof Solar system installed on new build in Chelmsford

Daniel approached us to retrospectively install solar panels on his new build home. We designed, supplied and installed a 14 Panel solar system to satisfy his eco needs. Using state of the art solar panels, and SolarEdge Inverter and Optimiser technology.


Peak System Output


Annual Bill Savings

5 Year

Project Payback Period

53 trees

Equivalent Trees Planted Annually

1.16 tonnes

Co2 Saved Annually

25 Year

Panel Performance Warranty

Thanks again to you all - I was sitting here wondering when the last excellent customer experience I'd had, it must have been so long ago I can't think of one off the top of my head. Look forward to speaking to some of you again when we get started on Phase 2 - battery installation.
Daniel and KateThaxted, Chelmsford

Aesthetics was a key driver for Daniel and Kate, so together we decided an in-roof integrated system would be best. This system is more involved from an installation perspective as it requires stripping the roof of tiles where the panels will be situated, so the solar panel system sits flush with the tiles around it.

We opted for a Longi 430W all black panel as it not only comes with a 25 Year performance warranty, but also looks great. For the inverter we went with SolarEdge as their technology delivers increased system performance, with each solar panel having it's own SolarEdge optimiser. This helps combat system losses due to shading and also improves safety levels compared to standard systems

The Installation took 2-3 days to complete.


Being an in-roof system the install takes longer as it requires the removal of tiles, and then retiling around the solar array. Working at heights we had a full scaffold with edge protection. All arranged by the EPC project manager Neil as part of the projct.


Daniel and Kate were thrilled with their solar panel system and blown away by our customer service and attentiveness towards their needs. So much so they are considering adding a battery later in the year to further improve their solar energy self consumption.

This system will provide Daniel and Kate with energy security, peace of mind against future energy price icnrerases whilst adding value to their new home.

Manufacturers used on the project

daniel oc solaredge