Get an Air Source Heat Pump

An energy-efficient way to heat your home while reducing your overall energy costs. Say goodbye to gas for good.



With the Government's Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS), you get £7,500 towards your heat pump & installation. It's never been easier to go green

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Stay Cosy, Protect the Planet

Up to 4 x more efficient than gas boilers, heat pumps keep you cosy & warm in outside temperatures up to -20°c & reduce your carbon footprint

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We'll need a little bit of information about your home, then we'll provide you with suitable options with prices for each including installation

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Upgrade to green living with ease using our monthly instalment plans. Simple, transparent, and tailored for you and your home

Saving the planet one home at a time


MWh of Energy Produced

Each year, our installed heat pumps make a big difference in producing energy. On average, they produce around 6,800 MWh of energy


Installations completed

We're and MCS Certified and TrustMark Accredited Installation company with a long list of Happy Customers across the UK


Tonnes of Carbon reduced

Every year, our installations make a big impact on the environment by reducing carbon emissions. We reduce over 2,200 tonnes of CO2e annually

Future-Proof Your Home

Heat pumps are an energy-efficient way to heat your home while reducing your overall energy costs. Say goodbye to carbon-intensive fossil fuel dependence and hello to year-round comfort with a brand-new heat pump.

Air source heat pumps extract heat from outside air to warm homes, offering energy efficiency and sustainability. With a reduced carbon footprint compared to traditional fossil fuel systems, they provide heating and hot water powered by electricity.

  • Combine your heating and hot water

  • No more burning fossil fuels

  • Help to lower your energy bills

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Our Installation

Our network of fully qualified installers spans the South and South East of England. From you completing the initial quote form to the installation taking place can happen in as little time as two weeks. We even have flexible finance options.

We do not waiver on quality, so you can be assured that everything from the service you receive, to the heat pump and installation, are of the highest quality.

We're an MCS Certified and TrustMark Accredited Installation company with a long list of Happy Customers across the UK.

  • 1,500+ Installations Completed

  • 4 Days Average installation Time

  • 7+ Average Installations per Week

  • 100+ Postcodes covered


Our Support Promise

Our team will support you before, during and after your renewable energy journey. We'll only tell you cold hard facts and nothing else. If an Air Source Heat Pump isn't going to be suitable for you and your home, we'll tell you.

We have a team of knowledgeable experts on hand to offer you advice about anything, at any time and specialist surveyors that will ensure your home survey leaves no stone unturned.

We offer a servicing and cover plan to give you peace of mind that your heat pump is always working as it should. Alternatively, you can opt for a one-off service each year. Find out more about our service offerings.


£7,500 Grant Available


Only a 25%


Deposit & Warranty Protection


Dedicated Installers from start to finish


Control via an App or by Thermostat


Clean, Green Energy for Life

What's Included in Your Quote?

Your instant quotes not only include your Heat Pump, but you'll get all this too:

  • Design of your new system

  • High-efficiency hot water cylinder

  • State-of-the-art thermostat & controller

  • Installation by our expert team

  • £7,500 Boiler Upgrade Scheme grant - we apply on your behalf

  • Up to 7-year Heat Pump warranty

  • Up to 7-year Parts warranty

  • Up to 7-year Labour warranty

  • Quality control & handover visit from our technical manager

You're in Safe Hands

Choosing EPC means you are beginning your renewable energy journey with a highly reputable business with years of experience within design, installation and servicing. We're Accredited and Certified by leading organisations in the industry meaning you can have the peace of mind that your installation is of the highest standards and comply with all Government regulations. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Got a question about Heat Pumps for the EPC team? Take a look at some of our FAQ's below.

What are the main benefits of switching to renewable energy solutions?
The key benefits include reduced energy bills, decreased carbon footprint, increased property value, and improved energy independence. Our solutions not only lower your reliance on traditional energy sources but also offer a cleaner, more sustainable way of living.
Do Air Source Heat Pumps make a lot of noise?
The short answer is no. ASHP's are actually very quiet. They do make some level of noise due to their working components, but all our installations are MCS Certified which means your heat pump is guaranteed to have a decibel noise rating of 45 or less at a 1-metre distance. That's less noise than the average home fridge makes and a little more than leaves rustling.
Will my heat pump still work in colder temperatures and winter?
Yes, heat pumps are able to extract heat from the air even when temperatures are as low as -10, so you will still have a nice toasty house and hot water in even the coldest depths of winter.
Do heat pumps work with existing radiators and systems such as solar panels and underfloor heating?
All Air Source Heat Pumps can be installed to integrate with your existing radiators and are a great match for underfloor heating systems. Floors obviously cover a much bigger area than radiators so they don’t need to get as hot but will provide the same amount of heat. You can also combine your heat pump with solar photovoltaic (PV) panels which would make your carbon footprint even smaller!
Where does the heat pump get installed?
The heat pump itself will be installed outside your house, ideally on the side or rear to minimise the external appearance of your property. It will need to be on a solid, flat surface such as a concrete base so it is stable and also be subject to good airflow to ensure maximum efficiency. It must also be situated a minimum of 1-metre away from any boundary lines to neighbours.
Do I need to obtain planning permission?
Providing you don't have a wind turbine on your property then you will not require planning permission as in most cases, the installation of an Air Source Heat Pump is classed as permitted development. Do always check with your local authority to err on the side of caution.