This 4 bed homes gets a heat pump upgrade in Maldon

Roger made the decision to upgrade his heating system and future proof his home by purchasing a state of the art Mitsubishi Air Source Heat Pump.




System Cost

1.5 tons

Carbon Saved a Year

39 db

Noise level


Roger was looking for ways in which he could become more sustainable whilst future-proofing his home. Upgrading his traditional boiler to an Air Source Heat Pump system seemed like a no-brainer. After completing a room by room heat loss survey, we found the Mitsubishi Ecodan 8.5kW heat pump would be a perfect fit for his home.

The installation took 5 days to complete and went exactly as planned. Our team upgraded the existing cylinder to a larger size and connected the heat pump to the system which included an upgraded set of 11 radiators and thermostatic radiator valves.


Choosing the location of the heat pump was challenging due to the ground level of the whole perimeter being occupied, leaving the ground unsuitable to house Roger's Air Source Heat Pump.

Our design team had to find a solution that didn’t include setting the heat pump on the ground. The design was adjusted to have the heat pump installed on wall brackets on the exterior of the first floor.

Case Study 2
I can thoroughly recommend EPC. They were supportive during every phase of the process, from planning to installation. No question was too much trouble and any suggestion or query from me about the installation was discussed and satisfactorily actioned.
Roger PriceFour bed Home in Maldon

Roger is very happy with his new green and sustainable heating system that he is able to control with Mitsubishi’s Smart controller and Wi-Fi/Cloud heating functionality. A very satisfied customer who gave us a 5* rating review.