Commercial Solar installation for manufacturing company near Stevenage

22% IRR

Internal Rate of Return


Annual Bill Savings

4.8 Years

Full System Payback (ROI)

963 trees

Equivalent Trees Planted Annually

21 tonnes

Co2 Saved Annually


System Peak Output


We were approached by a main contractor to provide a design and system performance estimate for a Solar panel system for Mettler Toledo.

We designed a system that would deliver significant reductions in the companies energy bills, and a system that offered high levels of data monitoring.

Based on this we specified and installed optimised inverter technology from leading inverter manufacture SolarEdge. Paired with Trina solar panels the system installed will offer reliability and significant carbon reductions.


Our contracted works on the project went smoothly and the client was more than happy with the results.


A long lasting, high performing solar panel installation that ticked all the clients needs and expectations.

System payback in less than 5 years and a substantial annual energy saving.

Manufacturers used on the project