Ground mount Solar system installed on a home near Hitchin

Nat was keen to generate and store as much energy as possible. Installing a large ground mount solar system coinciding of 36 solar panels with battery backup for power cut protection really hit the brief!


Peak System Output


Annual Bill Savings

25 Year

Panel Product Warranty

112 trees

Equivalent Trees Planted Annually

3.2 tonnes

Co2 Saved Annually

25 Year

Panel Performance Warranty

Thanks again to you all - I was sitting here wondering when the last excellent customer experience I'd had, it must have been so long ago I can't think of one off the top of my head. Look forward to speaking to some of you again when we get started on Phase 2 - battery installation.
Nat and MaryHitchin, Stevenage

Nat approached us to install a large solar panel system at the end of his garden. We designed, supplied and installed a 33 Panel solar system to reduce his reliance on the grid. Using state of the art solar panels mounted on a bespoke tillable frame secured to the ground with ground screws this system was installed to last. We used Solis inverters and an advanced battery storage system from Victron, using Pylontech batteries. This system provides full Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), so in the event of a powercut the power to the home continues without a flicker of a light bulb.


Being a ground mount system on uneven ground we used screw piles that were screwed in to the ground to provide stable anchoring to fit a bespoke tillable ground mounted frame to. This was more involved than most ground mounts based on us working with fabricators on the bespoke solution.


Nat and Mary were happy with the end results. Their new system will generates substantial amounts of energy for many years to come, and the Victron battery management system is handling this power intelligently to reduce their reliance on the grid

Due to weather and 3rd party contractor issues the project was not delivered in the time frames we would of liked but throughout the process we worked with the customers best interests in mind

Manufacturers used on the project

Ground mount bespoke solar