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Now is the time to start being smart with your electricity

We have Solar solutions to help you generate and manage your energy better, push your bills lower, drive your investment further – Bills are only increasing so break the mould.

A ‘No Salesman’ Experience

Heavily reduce your energy bills

Over 500 Installations

Up to 25 years Performance and Product Guarantees on our Solar products

Why Invest In Solar Panels in 2019?

1. Generate Free Electricity
Save on your energy bills. You can power your household appliances for Free using the electricity your Solar panels generate.

2. Reduce your carbon footprint
Unlike burning fossil fuels for your energy your Solar panels will not produce any carbon emissions! Feel great knowing you’re doing your bit for the environment.

3. Futureproof yourself from energy price increases
Electricity bills have doubled in the last 10 years and they’re projected to double again in the next. Don’t be subject to these increases and future proof yourself by generating your own power.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

Solar panels Systems cost from as little as £3,000 depending on how many panels, system type and the brand you go for.

For example: For the energy demand of a 4-person family home a 4kW / 14 panel system would be most suitable for that home’s energy demand. On average a system such as this would be fully installed with SolarEdge optimisation for a cost of just £5,150 + 5% VAT. This would require about 25 Sq. metres of roof space or if you don’t have the space on your roof consider a ground mount option.

What Are Solar Panels Exactly?

Solar panels on your home collect energy from the sun, an inverter then converts direct current (DC) electricity into usable alternating current (AC) electricity suitable for your home’s electricity demand.

When you inquire about solar panels one of our friendly experts can advise if Solar PV panels are suitable for you depending on your needs, budget and their effectiveness on your roof.

Can I upgrade my old Solar panel system?

System upgrades are available to further enhance performance and increase your Solar returns. The most popular option is to upgrade to a SolarEdge optimised solution. For more details please get in contact with one of our technical experts.

How Do I Make the most of
Solar and the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) Tariff?

1.Contact us for a FREE
2.Receive a NO OBLIGATION quote from us
3.Accept the quote and book an install date

The New Tariff Has Begun

Get Onto The New SEG Tariff for 25 Years

There is a new government incentive to install solar panels, known as the
“Smart Export Guarantee launched on 1st April 2019.

When your installation is complete, your SEG tariff application and paperwork joins the queue of applications for approval. This can take months!

There is a new opportunity for UK homeowners to still earn from generating electricity through solar energy.

By registering onto to the “SEG Tariff” – you will be able to make £1,000’s of TAX-FREE income. Install with us and we guarantee you a place on the new SEG tariff scheme

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Solar Panel FAQ’s

If you have any more questions & want to learn more read our blog

1. Do they work if it’s not sunny?

Yes, Solar Panels generate in daylight hours rather than just direct sunlight.

2. Can you store the solar energy?

Yes, options of battery storage are available to work alongside a Solar System.

3. How long do they take to pay back?
Solar panels are a medium to long-term investment. Full payback can be received in as little as 7 years depending on usage.
4. How long does an installation take?

Typically, a domestic installation will take no longer than 1 day to install and commission.

5. Considering Solar Power at Home?
There are several reasons you may be considering Solar panels for your home. It may be to reduce your energy bills, help the environment or make better use of your savings.
Whatever your reason, we’d like to help you understand the benefits of using Solar power.
6. Why use us?

With a strict ‘No Salesman’ approach we design, supply and install Solar panel PV systems for your home or business. Having completed hundreds of installs across the United Kingdom you really can rely on us to provide the best possible service. We are MCS accredited, all our installations are eligible for any Government Incentives available in which we will even assist you with your application. We are not tied to any 1 manufacturer so we can offer a wide range of product options to meet your needs and budget or deliver the exact specification you desire.

Receive £5,000 upfront with the new
Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS

See if it’s worthwhile for your home to install solar technology